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When requirements become more demanding, if not before, then only the best will do. Fitting out ambitious buildings is no exception – and is therefore one of the speciality areas of FunderMax. It sounds relatively easy to supply furniture for a laboratory, for example, or to provide the internal lining for a wet room. But then the questions of detail arise: is the material acid-resistant without any limitations? Can it resist even permanent humidity? Can soiling, even graffiti, be easily removed without any special equipment?

Max Compact Interior from FunderMax is a range of HPL – High Pressure Laminates that can answer all these questions with YES without exception. And in addition: rooms subject to high demands are often particularly elaborate in their design. A grey kindergarten? A monotone canteen? A gloomy laboratory? All unthinkable – and also unnecessary. Max Compact Interior uses the entire colour pallet of life and brings this special atmosphere in any conceivable application area. 

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Max Compact Interior Plus
Max Compact Interior Plus F-quality
Max Compact
Max Compact F-quality
Max Postforming HGP
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