M.look wall protection system A2-Quality

It consists of a large area panel featuring a heavy duty core, with decorative HPL surfaces on both sides according to EN 438.

The wall protection system is mechanically secured in a concealed way and completed with metal exterior and corner profiles. Sold exclusively through our qualified wall protection system distributors, who will provide installation advice and guidance.

The advantages:

  • approved by DIBT as wall and ceiling cladding.
  • certified according to EN 13501.1- A2s1d0
  • scratch-proof, moisture-proof, heat- and frost-resistant,
  • dimensionally stable.
  • integral impact resistance (collision with eg. beds)
  • chemically resistant surface
  • light disinfectability of surfaces
  • proof for easy cleaning of surfaces
  • permanent anti-graffiti resistant
  • optimum mounting prevents the harbouring of germs and bacteria

Decors according to the current Interior collection.
Unavailable decors:
0010 Mango,
0012 Diabolo,
0112 Top White
1630 Expo-Star,
2286 White Syringa,
0175 Knot Fir
1300 Aluminum,
M001 Natural Alu,
M002 Alu Topmatt,
M003 Alu Stainless Steel Nuance
M082 Magnetic White

Distribution solely through our qualified wall-protection manufacturer.


Escape routes, lift areas, hospital and nursing home corridors, shopping centres, classrooms, office buildings, entrance halls in hotels, sports arenas, cinemas and assembly rooms.

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