Max Metal

These panels are designed for use only in low-stress, vertical applications.


As with other real metal materials, slight variations in structure and colour are possible from consignment to consignment.


We explicitly draw your attention to the fact that Max metal laminates are not designed to be used on horizontal or highly stressed surfaces. Max metal laminates must always be implemented symmetrically on movable furniture elements.


Do not use for skirting in applications with high humidity and in wet rooms.


Magnetic Script Boward has a white, glossy surface suitable for writing on, and a metal layer of soft iron in the core.


The script boards are designed for use with dry marker pens.


Brown core


approx. 1.0 mm

Due to our production process, laminate thicknesses may vary slightly from the 1mm tolerance stipulated in EN438: thickness tolerance -0.2 / + 0.1 mm. These tolerances do not affect the usability of the supplied laminates.


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  • Decorative vertical interior construction

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