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It is fascinating, just how much can be made from so little. All that is required is know-how, plus the right attitude and a few ingredients. For example, laminate panels (HPL - High Pressure Laminates) from FunderMax. In the production process several layers of papers are impregnated with resin, to be then compressed under high pressure and at high temperature, using an elaborate process. At the end a material is created that is more versatile and, simultaneously, more visually impressive than almost any other.

One very striking feature: laminate is a particularly "tolerant" material. Abrasion, impacts, scratches and extreme temperature variations - none of these is a problem. The material, manufactured in sophisticated technological processes, puts up with almost anything and will adapt to a wealth of uses. This makes it the first choice for many applications where quality and design are key.

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HPL - Standard
Max standard quality HGS
HPL - Standard
Max Schichtstoffplatte | white core
Max Postforming HGP


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