Once upon a time a trend was arising: materials should be created sustainably and in an as ecologically friendly manner as possible. And what was there before this trend? Correct – FunderMax.Amwell was already developing HPL / hardboards, manufactured exclusively from natural and sustainable raw materials, long before it was fashionable to think about sustainability.

Fresh wood, natural resins and energy from renewable sources is combined to produce a material that stands for responsibility and healthy living, and this right from the time of its manufacture to its use. Even its disposal is totally safe. Hardboards therefore represents panels in the cycle of nature.

It has to be admitted that what is healthy is not always simultaneously thrilling. FunderMax HPL / hardboards can therefore be finished in a wide variety of ways, using appropriate films, resin papers and varnishes on the external sides. This creates a whole universe of visual possibilities, all of which combine one thing: their roots in nature – and their infinite design capability.

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Hardboards raw

Biofaser Standard
Biofaser Hydropan
Biofaser Duplex

Hard boards decorative

Biofaser Decor
Biofaser Decor Duplex
Biofaser Woodprint
Biofaser Varnished Plain Colours

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